We offer the top brands of restricted key systems and cylinders, including Medeco, a market leader in high security key systems and cylinders for wholesale and retail security providers for institutional, commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential end-users. This trusted brand provides products that offer maximum security, safety, and control for schools, hospitals, banks, vending machines and parking meters, homes, and offices, and more.

High Security Key Systems are the baseline security control to ensure only authorized individuals have access to the operational facilities. You can have peace of mind if you invest in high security key systems for your organization to ensure only authorized duplication of keys occur. Part of an effective key system is key management tracking software, key tracking hardware, and key management policy guidelines. Key control is one of the biggest risks that organizations face. Without a key control system you cannot be sure who has keys or how many keys have been duplicated. Key control should be a mandatory requirement for all facilities.


Medeco is the North American leader in high security key systems spanning from government agencies, colleges, universities, military and commercial facilities. Medeco’s key control systems utilize patented cylinders and keys. The lock cylinders employ very precise locking systems that can only be operated by the unique keys to that system. Because the cylinder and keys are patented, duplication of keys can only be done by factory authorized professional locksmiths.

All high security key control systems require specific permission to have keys originated or duplicated.


Removing the cylinder from your existing lock and installing a high security cylinder you can achieve effective key control by having every key trackable to the key holder, door location and prevents any duplication without authorization to ensure an effective system. Having the right keys issued allows the staff to effectively do their job, and will allow authorized access entry only to designated areas, which is the required result of a functional keying system design.

A high security key system with Key Wizard software will extend the life of a key system to ensure that unauthorized individuals will not gain entry. The ability to identify individual keys to key holders will hold individuals accountable for the reporting of lost keys and the return of keys when leaving a facility.


Pinder’s incorporates high security key systems, key management software and management policy guidelines to ensure key retrieval for a comprehensive and effective effective key management program.