Abloy Protec2 Cliq™

PROTEC² CLIQ™ is used among Professional End Users such as utilities, telecom, petroleum, transportation, hospitals, governmental institutions, banks, museums, and railways.

PROTEC2 CLIQ access management solution answers every question that the challenges of modern global security ask. Providing situational awareness to improve your security with a system that combines the best of Abloy’s mechanical and electromechanical technology, in a digital solution. Able to manage and track all your keys, personnel access rights and movement from a central location. The convenience of remote control and high-level security throughout your business anytime and from anywhere.

Key Features

Electronic access control without wiring

Easy installation since only the cylinder in the lock needs to be replaced. Not the lock itself.

Flexible access permissions

IP57 rated CLIQ keys

IP68 rated padlocks

Access permissions can be updated remotely

Easily replaced standard battery

Dual security; mechanical and electronic

One key only

The electronic key makes it easy to modify access rights for each user and need. If a key gets lost, key can be erased from the system without security risk or rekeying.

The key is also able to open both ABLOY mechanical and CLIQ electronic ATEX approved locks, so there is no need to change your entire system to electronic.

Remote access management with full audit trail

The browser based CLIQ Web Manager adds remote control capability and transparency of all your key movement and access rights management with audit trail feature.

Available as an in-house or Software as a Service option (SaaS).

Mobile key updates from anywhere, anytime

CLIQ Connect mobile app and keys add the convenience of a smartphone solution with access rights updatable wirelessly, anywhere at any time via a mobile app and Bluetooth key.