BEA’s MAGIC SWITCH® Family provides a highly accessible and germ-free door activation without physical contact. Reduce touchpoints in fast-paced environments that depend on sanitation like healthcare, retail, industrial and commercial settings.

Using microwave technology, BEA’s MS41 produces a detection field with a reliable and consistent transmission in interior and exterior applications. Capable of detecting a moving hand, cart or wheelchair. Plus, an adjustable hold time offers flexibility to meet ANSI standards.

The MS41 features rounded corners and a customizable illuminated ring with audible signaling. The durable design suits sterile, wash-down applications such as surgical, wash-down, clean room and pharmaceutical environments.

Ideal for harsh environments

IP55 rated enclosure capable of use in industrial and extreme washdown environments

Adjustable detection zone

Adjustable sensing zone from 4 to 24 inches (timed or toggle)

Adjustable hold time

Configurable output hold time of ½ to 30 seconds allowing unique, user-defined device placement

Durable faceplate

Stainless steel faceplate increases durability and protection from daily cleaning.