Command Access CL37 Series

The Command Access CL37 Series electrified version of the Sargent 10 Line series cylindrical lock line allows for remote keyless access and egress control for heavy use applications where security and safety is critical. Command Access CL37 Series locks may be purchased as complete locks or as modifications only (add MD prefix for modification only of customers’ 10 line series). Along with the styles and finishes listed, there are multiple functions and voltages options to meet your requirements. Common applications include stairwell doors, lobby entrances, computer rooms, classrooms, interior and exterior doors.


  • Continuous duty solenoids allow for “continuously on” applications such as Fail Safe or an unlock cycle
  • Plug-in bridge rectifier that allows for an AC or DC power source
  • No hassle 3-Year Warranty
  • Grade 1
  • UL Listed
  • 12 or 24 VDC
  • Low Current Draw


  • Available Fail Safe (Electrically Locked) or Fail Secure (Electrically Unlocked)
  • Voltage options – 12V or 24V (AC/DC)
  • REX – Request to Exit or AE switch available (on all functions)
  • CRU2 – Current Reduction Unit to improve solenoid life in “continuously on” applications
  • CRU2i – The intelligent CRU2: automatically detects DC input voltage between 12 to 30 volts and converts it to operate our 12V locks. Additionally, it adjusts the current to the solenoid allowing the lockset to run cooler and last longer without any manual adjustments


  • Operating Voltage – 12 or 24VAC/DC (+or- 10%) (must specify 12 or 24 volts when ordering)
  • Amperage – 12V = 250 mA / 24V = 150 mA
  • Solenoid coil resistance – 12V = 49 Ω / 24V = 159 Ω
  • Power consumption – 3 watts.