Rolling Shutter

Rolling shutters conserve all floor, wall and overhead areas required in operating other types of doors. Rolling shutters require a minimum of space in these areas. Vertical action is not hampered by closely piled merchandise on the inside – nor by ice, snow or outside obstructions. No other type of service shutter combines such effective protection. A rolling shutter is literally an impenetrable wall of steel. It is safe from damage: when opened, rolling shutters are out of harms way. It offers extra protection against fire, wind, weather and vandalism. There are low repair costs: if accidentally damaged, slats in the shutters’ curtain can be replaced individually. Each woodfold rolling shutter is custom made to order following stingent manufacturing guidelines. Select solid hard woods are machined to precise tolerances, selected for colour consistency, and assembled. The use of natural hardwoods is aesthetically pleasing and will complement a variety of architectural designs. The use of an upward coiling rolling shutter provides a secure divider and saves space.


  • Security at its best
  • Heat insulating and energy saving
  • Effective protection against the glaring sun and light in general – for complete privacy
  • Sound proofing
  • Weatherproofing
  • Optimal with individually adapted operating mechanism
Ideally Suited for:

  • Window Shutters
  • Door Shutters
  • Patio Door Shutters
  • Store Front Shutters
  • Counter Shutters
  • Liquor Bar Shutters
  • Sun Room Shutters
  • And many more