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IP-based unified security platforms have become the standard technology for enterprise security programs. The application of access control, video surveillance, alarm management, visitor management, investigation reporting and time and attendance through one uniform central management center and a single database allows for the effective use of all the security technologies. Effective use of staff hours and easier event-based security control create a cost effective, user-friendly security program.


Genetec is a Canadian company that is a leader in IP-based security technology by incorporating the latest in networking information. Their primary focus is the development of software solutions to address three main security applications areas: IP access control, IP video surveillance, and license plate recognition.

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 The Security Center unified security platform blends Genetec’s IP access control (Synergis), video surveillance (Omnicast), and license plate recognition (AutoVu) systems within a single innovation solution. Instead of running multiple client applications or working with cluttered desktops you can experience a unified interface designed around simplicity of operation.

The unified security platform will streamline the operation of managing your facility, including physical security and public safety applications.


We will consult with you to design a campus-wide integrated security program to meet your facility’s specific requirements.