When a credential is presented to a reader, the reader will send the credential’s information, usually a number, to a control panel. The control panel will compare the credential’s number to an access control list, and either grant or deny the presented request, and send a transaction log to a database. When access is denied based on the access control list, the door remains locked. If there is a match between the credential and the access control list, the control panel operates a relay that in turn unlocks the door.

Access control system establishes accountability for your facility with the ability to integrate video surveillance, alarm management and e-mail notification in a simple process for a few doors or multiple sites. Eliminating keys and establishing a credential make it simple to manage staff and secure your assets.


Small to large system capabilities with user-friendly software that requires minimal training and functions with all of the features of the most advanced access control systems. Features, such as, lock and unlock schedules, alarm management, e-mail notifications, mustering capabilities with the use of proximity cards or iClass smart card technology, and photo badging make it easy to create a security program cost effective.


Pinder’s will create an effective access control system for commercial applications or advanced level systems with advanced technology software.

IP-Based Access Control

IP access control is the latest technology in security systems. IP access control integrates card access, alarm management, visitor management, investigation reporting, and time and attendance as part of a security management system capable of integrating with the newest eSecurity technology with wireless or network PoE hardware.


Genetec is a Canadian company that is a leader in IP-based security technology by incorporating the latest in networking information. Their primary focus is the development of software solutions to address three main security applications areas: IP access control, IP video surveillance, and IP license plate recognition.


Synergis IP-based access control is the most cost effective, flexible and user friendly security solution that incorporates automated email reporting for administration of the access control and alarm events, reducing wiring cost, easily linked to video surveillance systems under a unified database. Synergis access control solution is able to handle thousands of access events per second from all over your network. Grow your system to any size, one door at a time. Use dynamic graphical maps to quickly pinpoint doors. Benefit from Active Directory integration to automatically enroll cardholders and assign access rights. Get remote access to check up on alarms after hours. And make all the decisions about your network and hardware. Build a new system with next-generation IP edge readers or use IP-enabled door controllers to convert an older system.

Through the Genetec Security Center’s Federation feature, multiple independent Synergis systems can be unified into a single virtual system. Support for Federation is ideal for multi-site, multi-region, and city-wide access control deployments as it facilitates centralized monitoring of hundreds of remote sites from the Genetec Security Center’s unified interface, the Security Desk. Whether federated or installed as a standalone system, Synergis is capable of managing systems of any size, from one to one million access points, all over an IP network.


Pinder’s with will create an effective access control system incorporating credentials and eSecurity technology for a safe and secure environment.

IP-Based Unified Security Platform

IP-based unified security platforms have become the standard technology for enterprise security programs. The application of access control, video surveillance, alarm management, visitor management, investigation reporting and time and attendance through one uniform central management center and a single database allows for the effective use of all the security technologies. Effective use of staff hours and easier event-based security control create a cost effective, user-friendly security program.


Genetec is a Canadian company that is a leader in IP-based security technology by incorporating the latest in networking information. Their primary focus is the development of software solutions to address three main security applications areas: IP access control, IP video surveillance, and license plate recognition.


The Security Center unified security platform blends Genetec’s IP access control (Synergis), video surveillance (Omnicast), and license plate recognition (AutoVu) systems within a single innovation solution. Instead of running multiple client applications or working with cluttered desktops you can experience a unified interface designed around simplicity of operation.

The unified security platform will streamline the operation of managing your facility, including physical security and public safety applications.


We will consult with you to design a campus-wide integrated security program to meet your facility’s specific requirements.

One Card Credential Technology

Card-based credentials offer a solution that is easier to manage than keys. Access privileges can be easily assigned and revoked, and access privileges of a single user can be altered without impacting the entire user population. With card-based access, the threat of unauthorized keys is eliminated. In facilities that require permission for multiple systems, card-based credentials offer the potential to consolidate technologies across multiple systems, enabling users to carry one credential to achieve multiple activities. One card credentials are for applications where the ability to generate audit trails is desired, and where the ease of adding or revoking privileges is important. The cards are useful in applications where secure access is required either for high volume openings or in high user populations.


HID’s physical access control solutions provide the most extensive line of powerful, versatile access control readers and credentials in the industry. Consisting of leading brands iCLASS, SmartID, HID Prox and Indala Prox, HID Global enables users to seamlessly manage multiple applications through a single credential containing diverse technologies.

HID Global
HID Fargo Printers


A one card program allows integration and security control though a central management system. Schools are one vertical market where you are seeing the smart card application in use. Smart cards are used worldwide as campus ID at colleges and universities, often combining access, identification and payment functions.

Uses can include:

Parking access
Academic building access
Dorm access
Library and network access
Bookstore purchases
Computer Interfaces
Vending machines, etc.


Pinder’s with their partner company, HID Global, can create an effective security program to ensure a safe and secure environment.