New E-Security technology are electronic access control products with audit entry control that integrate with architectural hardware and electronic security powered by PoE. The E-Security products are replacing the conventional card reader and electric strike for an effective product platform and overall system cost reduction.

The following are the E-Security technology categories:

  • Mechanical Electronic Cylinders
  • Offline Electronic Locks
  • Online Electronic Locks
  • Wireless Electronic Locks


The new integrated architectural access control products will reduce the infrastructure cost and streamline the door hardware and electronic access control hardware into a single locking device. The new product lines allow single point network cabling or a wireless interface to the door locations. Reduce the labour and wiring cost and manage all your hardware and locking control from one central access control management point.


We can provide a fully integrated access control and video system for a total security hardware program.

Multi-Housing Locking Solutions

College, university, condominium and long-term care facilities must meet special fire code regulations and centralized lock credential control requirements for their door locking systems. Special function locks for apartment, residence and classroom include the ability to link to an external card access control creating a one-card program for your facility.


Multi-housing facilities are secured with specially designed locksets that are electronically controlled through a central software locking program. Pinder’s major manufacturers have developed systems that make it easy to change credentials, re-program or override the locking hardware, as required for effective facility administration and help create and maintain a safe and secure living environment.


Eliminating keys and converting access technology allows facilities to easily delete credentials, add credentials or override in emergency situations which reduce the system operating cost and maintain a secure environment at all times.


Pinder’s with their partner companies can select the appropriate hardware and technology to meet both the operating requirements and the cost level for an effective multi-housing locking program.