Institutional Key System Design

Your key system, and its ability to protect your facility, is only as good as your ability to prevent keys from being duplicated without your knowledge. Having the ability to control who can copy keys, and where keys can be copied is the foundation for a good access policy management. Your ability to protect your keys from unauthorized key duplication is a determining factor in your key system success.

The overall strategy to maintain the integrity of key systems focuses on key issuance, key management, key control and retrieval. Incorporated in the key system facilities design are the following:

  • Facility security operational site assessment
  • Keying system site hierarchy design
  • Site system door profiling and date collection
  • Key registry design
  • Key management software tracking requirements assessed
  • Systems policy and procedures review and recommendations
  • Key tracking and retrieval procedures recommendations

Pinder’s is one of the world’s largest independent Medeco high-security lock system dealers. High Security Key Systems are designed as a management tool to keep your door secure, to manage access rights, control traffic, and protect people and assets. Having the right keys issued will allow authorized access entry only to designated areas, which is the required result of a functional key system design. By simply removing the cylinder from your existing lock and installing a high security cylinder you can achieve effective key control. Having every key tractable to the key holder, and preventing any duplication without authorization ensures an effective system.


Key control is the basis for any effective key management system. The most important feature for a security system is patented key control that restricts key duplication to authorized individuals only. Most institutions buy the hardware first and worry about how it is keyed later. Without a system design most times where you end up is not where you intended to go.


  • Effective Data Collection — Proper building profiling is required to understand how controlled access will be achieved by your key and access control system. Pinder’s trained staff can expedite and ensure a professional pre-planned collection form system
  • Key System Management Software — Manage your system cost effectively. Select the right key management system to meet your company or institutional requirements
  • Systems and Software Training — A key system will only have long-term effectiveness when individuals have proper technical training. Computer software and management operations training must be included


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