The electronic locking door hardware is a fundamental component of an access control system. The electronic locking devices include a vast range of electric devices for securing and controlling access to your facilities:

  • Electric strikes
  • Electromagnetic locks
  • Electric deadbolts
  • Electrified cylindrical locks
  • Electrified mortise locks
  • Electrified exit devices


Pinder’s electronic locking hardware partners carry a range of products that cover electric hinges, all styles of electric locking hardware, unique locking gate hardware, including barrier-free devices, such as auto operators, electrified hold open devices. Pinder’s and their major recognized partners will meet all specifications required for your facility security.

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Key Management

High security key cylinders and keys are only effective when their part of a complete key management program. Key management software is another component that is essential for an overall keying system. The management software allows you to track detailed information on keys, key holders and locations ensuring the integrity of the security key system.


Software Systems — Simkey (Pinder’s Simple Key Control System) and Key Wizard (Assa Abloy Key Control System) Assa Abloy and Medeco are world leaders in high security key systems and have developed the Key Wizard Key Management Software allowing you to effectively know who is carrying your keys and which doors they open. Also tracks your key data and inventory for large institutional key systems, that includes all operational data from the door location information, key issuance data, keyholder information, system keying data, and other critical information for managing and controlling a key system.



Key systems have a very limited life expectancy if the keys are not issued properly to authorized individuals ensuring that the proper level keys are issued and returned when individuals no longer require access. Cost savings occur when utilizing a key management software by easily identifying any key to an individual it was issued to and knowing the access locations the key operates when it is necessary to re-key or determine the risk of a lost key in your facility. Implementing a high security key system with Key Wizard software will extend the life of a key system and ensure that unauthorized individuals will not gain entry. The ability to identify individual keys to key holders allow you to hold individuals accountable for the reporting of lost keys and the return of keys when leaving a facility.


Pinder’s key management system design solution in conjunction with our partner company, Medeco, is able to create an effective key system to meet your company or institutional requirements for a safe and secure environment.

Key Guidelines

To maintain a key system it requires key management policy guidelines to govern the issuing, tracking and retrieval of keys. Large institutions require the implementation of key management policy guidelines to give added structure to the organization to ensure that users understand the responsibility of maintaining an effective key system program.

Pinder’s has custom designed a web-based key management policy that governs the issuance, tracking and retrieval process of keys to complete the total keying system program.


Implementing a key system with an effective key management policy ensures that personnel utilizing the key system understand the policies and procedures to be followed for an effective key program. An effective key management policy program will give you the control you need.


Pinder’s offers all end-user customers a key management policy guideline to assist them in developing a key control program and how to effectively manage it with access control systems and smart key technology.

Key Management Tracking Solutions

Key control is a number one security issue for any industry. Pinder’s will assist your company with the best and most efficient method of controlling your day to day operations with solutions to ease your key storage and key control issues.

Pinder’s provides you with the best solutions in key storage and key management:

Electronic key control cabinets

Mechanical key control cabinets

Retracting key reels

Serialized key rings.


Traka is an effective solution for the access control and traceability of valuable assets and equipment. Traka Touch makes your life easier. It gives you an intelligent ‘out of the box’ key management solution which operates entirely independently of your IT systems. Everything is managed via the touch screen on the front panel, from the initial administrative set up of users and keys, right through to the day to day user access.

Keyper is a global company committed to providing you with the best solutions in key storage and key management.

Key-bak is a supplier of high quality retractable key reels, carabiners, retractors and accessories.



Master level keys when lost require the key system to be re-keyed to maintain security. The use of key tracking equipment prevents lost keys and ensures the maintenance of an effective key system program.


Key tracking equipment is only one component of Pinder’s total key management program that allows you to issue, manage, control and retrieve keys to maintain integrity with your key program.