Security and safety regulations require companies to properly secure their premises, lockout all sorts of devices requiring restricted access utilizing padlocks that require a safety lockout program that is specifically identified to individuals and meet the regulations for electrical and operational lockout policies and procedures. The requirements for padlocks are that they cannot be tampered or cut. Customized safety padlocks with identification capabilities are a requirement for proper security padlock standards.

SOLUTION PARTNERS – Master Padlock, American Padlock, Guard Padlock, Medeco Padlock, New Standard and Videx Audit Control Padlocks

Pinder’s solution partners offer padlocks for high security, safety lockout and safety lockout devices, including padlocks that allow for full audit control ensuring that every aspect of your security needs and specialty requirements can be met through one of our partner companies.

Specialty locking requirements are also available through our one source solution programs which includes custom lockout safety padlocks that are customized to customers requirements.

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Guard —
Master Lock —
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Pinder’s padlock supply group of companies include products from basic padlocks to specialized products for all types of lockout requirements and environmental applications. Specialty keying and master keying systems are available for effective security lockout programs.


Pinder’s and their partners ensure that we can create an effective security lockout program regardless of the specialty or unique requirement of your facilities.