ASSA ABLOY – Norton Door Controls 704 Wave to Open Switch

Public buildings with hands free environments have quickly become a standard within a large variety of buildings. Whether it be public restrooms, offices, or hospital operation theatres, touchless environments have gone from a special feature to a necessity in many buildings areas. The easiest additions for these environments typically are the ones we first think of; the soap dispenser, faucet, and hand dryer/towel dispenser. The focus primarily has been on areas where we clean our hands, more so than the areas our hands touch once they’ve been cleaned. Norton has an automatic door opening solution for that final touch point with its line of Low Energy Operators and a simple wave-to-open switch. Now the door in front of you can be opened with just a wave of your hand!

Narrow gang

Sensor requires movement for activation

Variable relay – hold time from 0-35 seconds

Range 0″ to 4″

Durable stainless steel body holds up in moist environments

Compatible Norton Operators: