ASSA ABLOY SW100 Swing Door Operator

The ASSA ABLOY SW100 is the ideal low energy operator for applications that need reliable, durable entrances with the strength to withstand continuous usage. The electro-mechanical surface mounted operator is extremely quiet and flexible with unique features not found in other low energy operators, including stack pressure compensation, lock circuit retry, electronic dampening, power assist, obstruction control and low power consumption.

With adjustable open and closing speeds, the ASSA ABLOY SW100 can be configured to meet precise requirements, eliminating wear on the motor and safeguarding the life of the product. The ASSA ABLOY SW100 also offers safety features to match its excellent performance, helping foot traffic flow smoothly and efficiently.

Operator Features and Performance

  • Operator: electro-mechanical, non-handed operator, 24 volt, 5/16 hp motor
  • ANSI Compliance: ANSI A156.19
  • Door Weight: 100-200lbs
  • Door Size: 36-48” (consult for wider sizes)
  • Manual Push Force: adjustable from 5 lbf – 15 lbf
  • Hold Open Time: adjustable from 1.5 seconds to 30 seconds
  • Low power consumption – average electrical power required to open a 36” (914 mm) door is 25W resulting in lower running costs.
  • Stack Pressure Compensation:the electronic control allows for increases of forces to overcome mild stack pressures while automatically compensating to power manual push forces to comply with ANSI A156.19 when the door is used in manual mode.
  • Power assist open – torque-controlled feature that can be adjusted to lower the open forces when the operator is used manually

Latch Retry: if an attempt to close the door is unsuccessful, the operator will reverse 10 degrees and re-close in an attempt to successfully lock the door.

  • Astragal coordination
  • Inertia learn cycle
  • ANSI compliant lock kick
  • Battery convenience mode
  • Obstruction control
  • Electronic dampening

Product Downloads: ASSA ABLOY SW100 Swing Door Operator Specsheet