ASSA ABLOY SW200i Surface Mount

The ASSA ABLOY SW200i automatic swing operator is intended for use in exterior or interior entryways, corridors and a variety of applications. The ASSA ABLOY SW200i heavy duty (HD) electro-mechanical operator is suitable for use on large heavy doors, yet adaptable enough to be used in low energy (LE) applications. The product can be either surface mounted or overhead concealed, on either side of the door, for pull or push applications. It is suitable for single doors, double doors and double egress doors fitted with swing clear hinges, offset pivots or center pivots. The operator is connected to the door leaf with a range of different arm systems. ASSA ABLOY SW200i is designed to offer continuous use, a high degree of safety and maximum performance over the lifetime of your entrance. The ASSA ABLOY SW200i ensures all-around safety and can be equipped with a full range of sensor products providing swing door safety that meets or exceeds ANSI A156.10 standard.

Operator Features and Performance

Operator: electro-mechanical, non-handed operator, 24 volt, 5/16 hp motor

  • ANSI Compliance: Field selectable full pedestrian usage (ANSI A156.10) and low energy (ANSI A156.19)
  • Door Weight: up to 700 pounds (315 kg) per operator
  • Door Size: up to 48” (consult for wider sizes)
  • Manual Push Force: adjustable from 5 lbf – 15 lbf
  • Hold Open Time: adjustable from 1.5 seconds to 30 seconds
  • Wind Force Dampening: operator mechanically counteracts to wind forces, slowing down the opening or closing of the door
  • Stack Pressure Compensation: operator counteracts to positive stack pressures, negative stack pressures, and sudden changes of stack pressures to maintain consistent door speeds
  • Intelligent Trajectory Control: operator knows where the door should be at all times and adjusts torque accordingly. Dynamic braking helps cushion the door during opening to prevent going past 90 degrees, or during closing to prevent slamming.
  • Extended Closing Torque (ECT): exclusive Extended Closing Torque (ECT) functionality provides extra torque in the last 10 degrees of closing, if needed, to close and latch the door. Speed remains constant so the door stays within ANSI standards.
  • Latch Retry: if the door does not latch when closing, the SW200i will detect this condition and immediately open the door to 10 degrees and execute two attempts to latch the door.
  • On-board timing sequencer
  • On-board 12V or 24V transformer
  • Low pass filter (i.e. “delay on make”)
  • Door position relay
  • Kill input to close doors immediately
  • Self-learning set-up – measures inertia and door weight
  • Low Power Consumption (300 watts, 2.5 amp (max)

Product Downloads: ASSA ABLOY SW200i Surface Mount Specsheet