BEA’s MAGIC SWITCH Family utilizes proven microwave motion technology to ensure consistent, dependable touchless activation and can be adjusted to comply with the ANSI 156.10 knowing act standard.

The MS31 detects moving objects such as a hand, cart or wheelchair and reduces touchpoints in high traffic areas commonly found in shopping and transportation centers. Applications requiring hygienic activation include hospitals, pharmacies, clean rooms and foodservice facilities.

Applications: Heatlhcare, Retail, Food services, and any apppilcations where touch free egress and access is required.

Adjustable detection zone

Detection zone from 4 to 24 inches (timed or toggle)

Adjustable LED setting

Dipswitch position determines if LED illuminated when in detection or when not in detection

Silent Activation

Silent activation for hospitals and other noise-sensitive environments

Durable design

IP54 rated enclosure for protection against outdoor weathering and
daily cleaning.