Canadian Mailbox S-101-R Vertical Interior Mailbox (Recessed-Mounted)


  • Alphabetical directory: non-illuminated
  • Bell buttons: 5/8″ (0.6 cm) diameter installed on either top or bottom frame
  • Card slot
  • Double size door

Meets or Exceeds Canada Post Standards. Quality: Model S-101 vertical mailbox has a level of quality and durability that is unequalled in our industry. Security: Constructed with heavy guage reinforced extruded aluminum to give a lifetime of service and maximum protection for the mail. Performance: The trim and doors have striated vertical lines to resist scratching and marring. All exposed materials are of a fine quality aluminum; smooth interior surfaces are maintenance free. Installation: The excellence of design allows the mailboxes to be installed easily and quickly. Locks: All compartment doors come equipped with 5-pin cylinder C.P. approved locks with 2 keys, 1,000 changes.

  • Available in single compartment or up to 7 compartments wide.
  • D size doors on 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 gang groupings are optional.
  • Cardboard name and number tabs supplied as standard.

Product Downloads: CMC S-101-R Dimensions and Options