CBBC Movable Glass Boards

Canadian Blackboard Company’s (CBBC) movable glass boards on stands or wheels are perfect for moving your ideas and meetings anywhere. Depending on the model chosen, several options are available to customize and match it to your environment.

The classic movable glass board gives you a refined look with its rectilinear shape and slim profile. Designed with a magnetic glass on each side, it’s an elegant tool that will enhance your work areas and facilitate your team’s movement. Available with feet on wheels or stationary legs.

The inclined model allows you to add a stylish touch to your work environment thanks to its 2 slightly angled magnetic glass surfaces. Its unique look will make it an essential and unifying element for your shared spaces. Available with feet on wheels or stationary legs.

The easel model is a magnetic movable glass board mounted on an elegant black 5‑branch base with wheels that easily allow you to move it around. Its elongated shape gives it a light and portable look, and its stylish profile ensures a beautiful consistency in style that will blend well with your furniture.

Glass Thickness:
Classic and Inclined Models: 4 mm
Easel Model: 6 mm

Writing Surfaces Dimensions Available:
Classic and Inclined Models:
4′ ½” x 5′ 7 ¾”

Easel Model:
2′ x 3′
2′ x 4′

Other dimensions are available upon request.

Warranty: 50 years

All of these movable glass boards are available in 10 standard colours and can be customized by adding your business colours, visuals, or logos thanks to high-definition digital printing.

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