Corflex Accordion Doors

Accordion doors from Corflex are the fastest and most economical way to organize space and insulate against distracting noises. They provide instant privacy for meetings, classes or office and work areas. Corflex’s accordion doors are available in several acoustical models. All have an internal steel pantograph for even extension and 5-ply laminated cover construction. The following modifications are made to attain the various degrees of sound control:

  • 2000 Series – addition of multi-ply sweepstrips top and bottom, one side.
  • 3100 Series – multi-ply sweepstrips top and bottom both sides and fiberglass strips laminated within each fold.
  • 3500-4400 Series – are the same as 3100, but with the addition of Steelcor laminated strips within each fold. The higher the STC rating, the heavier the gauge of steel used.

Ideally Suited for:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Class rooms
  • Offices
  • Work Areas