Corflex Folding Grilles and Shutters

Corflex Partitions Inc. prides itself on being able to offer all of its clients the most complete line of operable products available:

  • Sliding Security Grilles
  • Rolling Counter Shutters
  • Rolling Security Grilles

Numerous types of security closures are available to choose from, along with their respective features including:

  • Adjustable Height Hardware for variable adjustment up to 1′, upward or downward, thus solving “crisis” installation problems.
  • Wide Body Design, providing fewer vertical obstructions, and more viewable area, as well as allowing design flexibility with compact stacking.
  • Locking Mechanisms meeting ADA requirements and with hardened steel knobs,
  • Dropbolt Sockets, for floors or counters.
  • Pull Rods, for ease of operation with systems over nine feet high.
  • Quick-Connect System, for easiest installation and the most economical maintenance.
  • Seamless Continuous Hinge.
  • Models for every application.
  • Finishes to suit any design.
  • Layouts limited only to your imagination and to follow any leaseline. Variety of locking posts for varied field applications.
  • Adaptability, even for sloping floors or angled walls.
  • Easy to install product.
  • Smooth manual operation of any size system.

As with all of their own manufactured products, Corflex Partitions Inc. will be pleased to assist you with the selection of the most suitable product, layout design and construction details.