Corflex Frameless Glass Wall G600

Corflex’s Glass wall design won’t hide the space you worked so hard to make so beautiful. Glass partition panels easily move manually thanks to the suspended overhead track and can be stored anywhere you desire. They can be assembled as single (omni-directional) or paired panels and an optional in-line pass door or an access panel, which facilitate access to your space, are available. Choose a Glass wall that is laminated, etched, tinted or with a translucent film when you want to add style or raise your room’s intimacy level. The glass wall frame can also be custom anodized or powder coated to the color of your choice. Glass partition panels are made of 12 mm tempered glass (1/2 inch) with a maximum height of 3708 mm (12ft 2 inches) and a maximum width of 1219 mm (48 inches).