Cubicle Curtain

Flame resistent fabric meets NFPA 701 vertical burn test requirements. Curtains for Ceiling Track These shall be to the same specifications as for suspended track except, where desired, an integral upper section of nylon mesh can be incorporated to provide ventilation and light. The mesh shall be sewn on top of mesh and buttonholes inserted every 6″. Where grommets are specified these are #0 nickel plated brass at 6″ spacing. Curtains for Suspended Track All curtains shall be custom made and at least 10% wider than track length to ensure complete closure without gaps. All curtains shall extend down from underside of track to within 15″ of floor. Curtain material shall be closely woven cloth of not less than 160 threads per inch of quality yarn, and is to be sanforized shrunk. Curtains shall have top hem 2″ wide, of triple thickness of material through which button holes are placed vertically every 6″. Bottom hem 2″ wide. All seams shall be interlocked and two needle stitched, edges turned. The colour or colours of materials shall be standard, as selected. Where grommets are specified these are #0 nickle plated brass at 6″ spacing.