Dormakaba ED250 Full Power Operator

Intelligence and beauty in one narrow package

Dormakaba offers the first truly integrated swing door operator. The drive system, control unit, power supply, and user interface are all designed to work as One System, not as separate operating parts.

  • Integrated hardware power supply and relay, allowing for seamless control of security hardware.
  • Built-in door position status, indicating door open or door closed.
  • Close and latch in case of power loss (adjustable closing speed on loss of power).
  • Hardware pre-load functionality for reliable operation.
  • Built-in interface for connection to any access control system.

The ED250 full power operator is designed for demanding applications such as retail centers, airports, and health care facilities. Engineered for high traffic entrances and heavy-duty applications, the ED250 can handle doors up to 600 lb per door leaf.

ED250 operators are tested for one million cycles in climate-controlled test chambers that replicate severe weather conditions. A built-in power boost helps keep the door closed even when it is exposed to high wind or stack pressure buildup.

Product Downloads: Dormakaba ED Series Specsheet