DSC Power Series Pro Commercial Security System

PowerSeries Pro is a long-range, commercial-grade system with industry-leading intrusion technology, flexible integration possibilities and the dynamic power to protect enterprises of any size. It’s all the power of wires, without all the wires. With cyber protection features and long-range wireless communication capabilities, PowerSeries Pro is the only intrusion security panel that can handle large installations – such as warehouses, office buildings, factories, education and healthcare facilities – while eliminating the need for wires on sensors or keypads.

Best-in-Class Security

PowerSeries Pro uses robust PowerG technology to provide long-range wireless encrypted communications. The entire system is protected by 128-bit AES encryption on wired BUS, PowerG wireless devices, and IP and cellular communication. For added reliability and to prevent tampering, PowerSeries Pro is equipped with triple-end-of-line capability for hardwired zones, and anti-masking for wired and wireless zones. This ensures full premises intrusion detection and enhanced cyber-security protection.

Easy Installation & Integration

Without the need to run long wires, installation is a breeze. The intuitive installer app (free for download on any smart device) further simplifies the process. User-friendly and versatile by design, PowerSeries Pro supports multiple thirdparty integrations, including Kantech access control, Building Management Software (BMS), and Alarm.com.

Future-Ready Scalable Value

Superior on-board power, on-board ethernet and modular communicators ensure long-lasting value. Created with growth opportunities in mind, PowerSeries Pro supports an everexpanding list of compatible security products that can be easily added to support each customer’s changing needs.

Increase Efficiency and Improve Profitability

Powerful and easy-to-use suite of software is a winning combination of installation, diagnostic & trouble shooting features. Based on DLS5 Downloading Software.