Hadrian Corridor (Emperor) Locker Systems

The clean lines, durability and smooth, quiet operation of Emperor lockers make them an ideal choice for virtually any facility. Available in a wide range of sizes, tiers and designer colors, Emperor lockers are an attractive and effective storage solution.

Durable Powder Coated Finish
Powder coating outperforms other paint processes by applying a hard, even and run-free finish.
Powder coating is standard on all Hadrian lockers—without an upcharge.
Doors and frames may be two-toned at no extra charge.

Rigid Door Construction
Doors feature a full 1” (25 mm) thick double pan welded box design for improved rigidity and durability.
1” (25 mm) thick cell honeycomb is bonded to the inner surface of doors for added impact resistance and silence when closing.

Quiet Operation
The rigid double pan door design and honeycomb core (spanning the complete width and height of the door) make Hadrian lockers the quietest available.

Full-Length Continuous “Piano” Hinge
This standard Hadrian feature outperforms knuckle hinge designs by adding durability and keeping the door perfectly adjusted.

Single Point Latching With No Moving Parts
With no moving parts to replace, Hadrian’s single point latching system is a “maintenance dream”. There are no slide bars, springs, or latch hooks needed, so doors remain properly adjusted and trouble-free.
Friction catch is standard. Positive latch is also available (with upcharge).

Unobstructed Ventilation
Louvers in the frame allow for constant, unobstructed air flow that cannot be blocked.
Perforations in the shelves increase air circulation.

Easy To Install
Hadrian’s unique 2.5” (64 mm) deep frame allows installers more room to work.
Identically formed and rigid 22-gauge locker tops, hat shelves and bottom shelves are fully interchangeable.
Your choice of rivets or nuts and screws for assembly.
Use of rivets for assembly drastically decreases installation time.
Rivets offer extra strength and a tamper-proof fastening solution.

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