K.N. Crowder (KNC) FG-11 Kenagrille Footgrille

Threaded 3/8″ steel rods and nylon spacers enable our Grilles to be compressed during assembly for construction that is hard to beat. Unlike the wear that can occur with aluminum key-lock grilles, tough nylon spacers allow the grille components to “flex” and return under the stressful conditions that grilles are subjected to. Wear is minimal and the result is a quiet, durable grille that stands the test of time. Specifications Aluminum tread bars shall be 6061-T5 alloy, joined together with 3/8″ (9.525 mm) diameter threaded steel rods, with nylon spacers at centres as required. Extruded aluminum frame corners to be neatly mitred and held together with corner brackets, for ease of assembly on-site. All aluminum shall be mill finished. Fits Frame: GA Frame Type GB Frame Type GC Frame Type Product Downloads: KNC Footgrille and Floormat Catalogue