Lawrence TensaBarrier 800 Series Portable Posts

In 1980 Lawrence pioneered the introduction of TensaBarrier®, the first retractable tape system for pedestrian traffic guidance. Quick to set-up, easy to store, TensaBarrier® rapidly gained acceptance with architects, designers and users. Today it is the leading product for guiding customer traffic, wherever people gather. Benefitting from nearly two decades of TensaBarrier® experience and extensive laboratory and field testing, Lawrence now introduces the 800 Series, a ground-breaking design which raises the industry standards to new levels of safety, durability and value. Features:

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty – against defects in materials and manufacturing.
  • Patented Slow Retracting tape cassette – insures that tape will retract slowly and safely if accidentally released.
  • Locking Tape End – prevents accidental release of tape.
  • 4-Way Connecting System – permits all posts to receive up to three tapes from any direction.