Medeco XT Intelligent Key Ecosystem

Smart Solutions for Real Issues

Eliminate Costly Rekeying

The XT system eliminates the expense of physically rekeying locks and replacing keys. All rekeying is done electronically through the programming of the keys.

Providing Accountability to Sensitive Information

Audit records can identify which employees have access to sensitive information, such as employee documents, healthcare records or student transcripts.

Grant After-Hours and Temporary Access Electronic scheduling gives you the flexibility to control access around the clock, including providing temporary access. Both cylinder and key retain records of when all accesses occur.

Control Inventory Loss

With audit records in both the lock and the key, you can easily identify which employees have accessed storage areas for greater inventory control.

Achieving Physical Security

Regulatory Compliance XT offers an easy-to-deploy access control solution to address physical security compliance requirements in many industries. Ideal for providing access control in remote locations that utilize padlocks as part of the overall infrastructure.

Manage Employee Turnover

Electronic rekeying and remote-access programming lets you respond immediately to personnel changes, even if keys are not returned.

Simplify Key Control

Simplify key control by assigning employees a single Intelligent Key that gives them access to all the locks they need to open.

Respond to Missing Keys

With electronic scheduling and rekeying, you can respond immediately when keys go missing.

Prevent Copied Keys

XT Intelligent Keys cannot be copied like traditional mechanical keys.