The 350 Series Powerglide closer have been engineered to meet the demands of the modern architect and building owner. They offer versatility and built-in power, and complement Sargent’s other door closer series. Together they provide a complete line for interior and exterior doors. Ideal Suited for: Exterior doors in heavy draft and wind conditions Hospitals Schools Convention Centers Features: Full Rack and Pinion: Provides hydraulic control throughout the entire door opening cycle. Adjustable Spring Power: 351 Series door closers are adjustable from size 1 through 6 to accomodate various door sizes, wind and draft conditions, and various handicapped requirements. Closers are adjusted to size 3 before leaving factory. Reversible: Can be used for both right and left hand doors. Key Control Adjustment: Separate regulating valves for door speed and latching speed. Adjustable Backcheck: Available as a standard feature. Protects door and hardware from damage in opening cycle. Delayed Action: Delayed feature is available on order. Aluminum Alloy Case: 351 Series closer bodies are constructed of a special R14 aluminum silicon alloy, carefully selected to accomodate door closer characteristics and operating conditions. Large bore in case provides noncritical regulations. High Impact Noncorrosive Covers: Smartly styled covers are high impact resistant and self extinguishing. Interchangeable Arms: Finely finished, heavy duty forged steel arms are interchangeable among the 350 and 1430 series for all conditions. Verstatile Mounting Applications: The 351 Series is reversible and can be mounted in the standard, top jamb, parallel arm, and track applications. Available to meet handicap requirements. Typical Applications: Standard Application: Closer is mounted on top rail on hinge side of door. As door opens, closer swings with door. Parallel Arm Application: Closer is mounted on top rail on stop side of door. As door opens, the closer swings with door and gives full head room on opening. Top Jamb Application: Closer is mounted on top casing above stop face of door. As door opens, closer arm swings with door. Product Downloads: Sargent 351 Parts List Sargent 351 Available Arm Assemblies