Schlage F Series HandPunch Biometric Terminal

The F Series HandPunch terminals are cost-effective workforce solutions designed for simplicity with “punch and go” capability. They deliver the reporting accuracy and convenience of biometric technology while eliminating the use, abuse and cost of traditional time cards. Schlage HandPunch terminals eliminate “buddy punching” entirely by making it impossible for users to lose, share or forget their unique biometric identifier – their hand.

The F Series utilizes advanced hand geometry analysis to convert and store the shape and size of a hand to a 9-byte numerical identification template. This three-dimensional image capture is less invasive than fingerprint, iris or facial scanning because visually identifying characteristics such as scars, tattoos, fingerprints or palm prints are ignored. The result is a biometric recognition system that is faster and more reliable, even in dusty and damp environments.


Eliminates “buddy punching” to help control labor costs

Automates workforce management and reporting

Improves the accuracy of time and break records

Workforce management

Eliminates worry of loss, theft or unauthorized use of ID cards

Reduces or eliminates need for separate credential management systems

Dual authentication security

Allows customization of user-specific security levels, time zones, holidays and languages

User verification is confirmed in less than 1 second

Ideal for high-traffic applications


User verification method is more forgiving for lower reject rates than other biometric methods

Low sensitivity to dirt on hands or dusty environments

Capable of making subtle template adjustments with each use accounting for user weight changes