Securitron BPS-12-15 Power Supply

All models are UL listed and incorporate integral battery charging capability which keeps the sealed lead acid gel/cell at full charge for instantaneous stand-by power in case of line voltage failure. All models in the series are Class 2 rated by UL which means that output wiring need not be run in conduit. The BPS-12-1 and BPS-24-1 are one amp units that incorporate a fused AC input and a regulated DC output. A 2.5 Amp current limiting automatic breaker protects the stand-by batteries from driving into a short. Securitron manufactures a variety of outstanding products designed to supply and monitor 12 or 24 Volts for the operation of security and safety equipment. The BACS Series provides high capacity 12 and 24 volts AC power. The model PSM Power Supply Monitor functions as an alarm system for your BPS series supply and our plug-in DC supplies and potted bridge rectifier fit into simpler applications. Product Downloads: Securitron BPS Series Installation Instructions