Woodfold Wood Folding Accordion Partition

Panels are connected by an exclusive system of steel hinges running continuous along the top and bottom of the partition. Assemblies are suspended from sturdy, overhead metal tracks. Hidden tandem nylon rollers operate smoothly, quietly – minimizing sway. Partitions can stack into recessed cavities so they’re totally out of site when opened, if desired. And more than simply looking attractive, our fine woods and Vinylwood surfaces are designed to resist the kind of damage and wear that prematurely end the life and appearance of ordinary folding partitions. Wood construction, for example, gives our folding partitions enduring strength and appeal. With stabilized wood cores, panels remain properly aligned – without warping – throughout their long and useful life. Ideally Suited for:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Class rooms
  • Training centers
  • Sports centers
  • Concert halls
  • Day Care centres
  • Storage areas

Accordion folding doors are attractive, cost-effective, easy to operate and they’re designed to last. Product Downloads: Woodfold Accordian Partition Specifications