Alvarado SU3500 Retracting Barrier Wing Optical Turnstile

A product of choice for customers worldwide, the SU3500 retracting barrier wing optical turnstile features the latest optical detection technology and quick and precise motorized panel operation. The SU3500 optical turnstile is another great access control product from Alvarado.

Secured Entry Control Applications:

Main lobby access

Employee entrances

Elevator bank access

Visitor management

Security application suitable for:

Corporate Security

Industrial Facilities

Government Security

Higher Education

Health and Fitness

Classic Design

The SU3500 wing barrier optical turnstile has a sleek brushed finish stainless steel cabinet and solid surface lid which looks great in any installation environment. The footprint of the SU3500 makes it an excellent choice for large lobbies with significant floor space. The optical turnstile has crystal clear bi-parting panels that retract fully into the cabinets on authorization. The panels can be etched with corporate logos to further enhance the installation.

Cutting Edge Technology

The SU3500 optical turnstile provides bi-directional access control in conjunction with a facility access control system. To enter, users present a valid credential which retracts the turnstile’s motorized barriers into the cabinet, allowing a single passage in the requested direction. If an unauthorized user attempts to tailgate on a valid entry, or attempts entry without authorization, the optical turnstile’s sensors recognize the illegal passage attempt and sound an internal alarm. The turnstile has several operational modes and features that provide a superb combination of safety, security and high user throughput.