Alvarado SU5000 Swinging Barrier Optical Turnstile

Beneath an elegant exterior design lies a true powerhouse of technology. The SU5000 with bi-directional motorized swinging barriers is the culmination of Alvarado’s many years of optical turnstile design and manufacturing experience.

Secured Entry Control Applications:

Main lobby access

Employee entrances

Elevator bank access

Visitor management

Security application suitable for:

Corporate Security

Industrial Facilities

Government Security

Higher Education

Health and Fitness

Design without compromise

Elegant Design

The SU5000 is simply a beautiful product. Its rounded lines, contoured edges and liberal use of crystal clear materials create a very upscale look suitable for any premium lobby.  With the industry’s slimmest cabinet design, the SU5000 slim size and very compact footprint saves floor space and allows use of optical turnstiles in areas where space is a premium.

Superior Technology

The SU5000 swinging barrier optical turnstile provides bi-directional access control in conjunction with a facility access control system. To enter, users present a valid credential which opens the turnstile’s motorized barriers away from the user, allowing a single passage in the requested direction. If an unauthorized user attempts to tailgate on a valid entry, or attempts to enter without authorization, the integrated sensors recognize the illegal passage attempt and sound an alarm. The SU5000 has a number of operational modes and features that provide a superb combination of security, safety and high user throughput.