Command Access LPM1 Series Mortise Lock

The Command Access LPM1 Series Mortise Lock utilizes a high quality Grade 1 chassis built to withstand years of abuse. This unique model brings latch retraction to a standard mortise lockset. Requiring no special door prep, this is the perfect solution for push-pull conditions, handicap access, and for automatic operators where panic devices are not necessary. The LPM1 Series Mortise Lock takes advantage of out patented PM300 technology, allowing for favorable wire runs and multiple locks on one power supply. It is field handible and available in Fail Secure (EU) functionality. This mortise lock uses standard ‘type 86’ door prep and can retrofit to Schlage L9000 compatible trim. We offer this model as chassis only or with complete trim.


  • No special lock prep required – fits standard mortise pocket prepped for a Schlage “L” series lock
  • Utilizes our patented PM/PWM technology
  • Circuitry allow for momentary or continuously on “push/pull” applications
  • Available is complete locksets or in chassis only (retrofits to Schlage “L” series compatible trim)
  • Must be used with a Command Access PS210,PS1, PS220/220B/ PS440B, or PS5-4 power supply
  • No hassle 3-Year Warranty.

Latchbolt Solenoid Specifications

  • Operating Voltage – 24 VDC (+/- 10%)
  • Holding Current Amperage – 260mA@24VDC
  • Surge Current Amperage – 1.9A for 350ms@24VDC
  • Peak Current – 7 A @ 24VDC
  • Solenoid coil resistance – 1.75 Ω
  • Wire gauge: Minimum 20 gauge

Lever Solenoid Specifications

  • Operating Voltage – 12 or 24VAC/DC (+/- 10%)(specify 12v or 24v)
  • Amperage – 12v = 700mA, 24v = 350mA
  • Solenoid coil resistance – 12v = 18Ω, 24v = 69Ω


  • REX – Request to Exit switch available
  • LBM- Latchbolt Monitor switch available