Hartmann Controls Access Control System

Next Generation IP Access Control System

One of the most customizable access control systems on the market. PROTECTOR.Net is a new innovative Access Control System that has a slick web based software utilizing the newest Microsoft Technologies to its all new patented hardware using the latest chipsets for increased reliability and performance.

HTML5 Web Interface: Responsive interface makes access control a breeze.

Unique controllers: Over the door modules with integrated REX capability.

Modern Connectivity: True IP Devices, Entirely POE powered and provide optional lock power.

On Board LCD: Built in LCD provides easy configuration and diagnostics right from the controller.

Reduced Wiring: Hartmann Controls’ Over the Door Module only needs a single Cat5e or Cat6 cable to be pulled from the nearest drop to the opening. All devices at the opening will be powered off the PROTECTOR.Net controller with the exception of Door Openers and externally powered devices like alarms, strobes, sirens etc.

Video Integration: VMS integration with several leading VMS vendors. Linking of Access Control events to Video Playback.

Take Overs: Hartmann Controls’ traditional PRS-Controller is great for retro fits and takeovers where controllers can’t be mounted above the door.


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