Magnuson Mega-Rak Series Portable Folding Racks

With Mega-Rak you can set up coat check areas in changing locations, store large numbers of wraps near their owners, then fold and store the racks in a small space until needed again. MODELS: MR-801H Hanger-Style Mega-Rak: Variable capacity up to 96 hangers. Features vinyl-coated steel shelf,  4″ ball bearing casters. Options: hangers, hanger spacers, umbrella holders. MR-801K Hook-Style Mega-Rak: For maximum capacity, up to 144 wraps on hooks. Features vinyl-coated steel triple-prong hooks, vinyl-coated steel shelf. Options: hangers, hanger spacers, umbrella holders. MR-801H 8 ft. Hanger-Style Mega-Rak: Shown with optional MG-17CS Hangers and Umbrella Holders.  Folds and rolls away.  Clears standard door openings.  Stores in 19″ x 26″ space. Available in hanger and hook styles, charcoal gray baked enamel finish with light gray vinyl coated shelves.