Open Options Access Control System

Open Options is the Global open platform access control solution since 1997.

DNA Fusion from Open Options is the award-winning open architecture access control platform. The most IT-centric product on the market, it connects seamlessly with leading security systems including video management, biometrics, audio communications and many more. Supporting products work together to provide a complete security solution with best-in-class technical capabilities.

DNA Fusion offers a complete access control solution for any organization ranging from the multi-campus enterprise to a single lobby entrance. DNA Fusion allows users to monitor and manage several integrated systems through one common interface. By combining access control, IP video management, critical communications and more, DNA Fusion is designed to provide the simplest and most complete security solution available. Features such as “drag and drop” functionality, custom menus, and advanced alarm handling with routing and escalation are just a few of the components that make DNA Fusion the most reliable and effective source for any organization’s access control requirements.

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