Standalone Access Control KP Series Keypad Lock

The Sargent Standalone Access Control KP Series Keypad Lock is designed for openings that require standalone, basic authorized entry capabilities. KP Series Keypad Locks are battery powered, motor driven, self contained locks that use a microprocessor based controller with non-volatile memory. All programming is done at the door using the keypad with functions selected by the user according to opening requirements.

Combined with the physical security of an ANSI Grade 1 mechanical locking mechanism (cylindrical, mortise or exit device), The Sargent Standalone Access Control KP Series Keypad Lock provides the security and functionality needed to control access to storerooms, offices, stairwells, conference rooms and rest rooms. With the cylinder override feature, the keypad lock can be readily integrated into a new or existing master keyed system.


  • Non-volatile memory
  • All programming at keypad
  • Keypad made of ultraviolet stable textured material
  • Operating temperature for keypad: 4°F – 140°F
  • Adjustable unlock time
  • LEDs on keypad
    – Green indicates unlocked
    – Yellow indicates programming mode
    – Flashing green and solid yellow indicates deadbolt thrown
  • Use on exterior doors with weatherseal gasket and shroud
  • UL Listed for fire doors (12 – required for KP8800/8900 Series)
  • UL Listed to Canadian safety standards
  • Built-in remote “Request to Enter” requires wire harness (52-2071)
  • User Codes – over 1,100,000 possible user combinations
    – 100 user codes
    – Operates utilizing any one to six digits per code – digits may be repeated or start with “0”
    – One master code – assigns emergency, supervisory and user codes, allows access during low battery
    – One emergency code – allows entry when deadbolt is thrown (KP8276/KP8277) or during low battery
    – One supervisory code – allows temporary lockout of selected users, changes unlock time duration, requests
    – infrared interrogation output, and may add user codes
    – “One time” user codes allows visitors “one time” entry
    – Entry of three wrong user codes in succession disables all codes for ten seconds
    – Unit can be put in “passage only” mode at keypad
  • Low battery indication – four chirps after code entry
  • Operates with 4 “C” alkaline batteries (included)