Yale nexTouch™ Exit Trim Keypad Locks

Yale nexTouch keyless electronic door locks combine a modern look with durability that is perfect for your multi-family or mixed-use property, small business, office, retail space, restroom, or other commercial building application. All nexTouch products are easy to use and install, and allow you to manage access with up to 500 unique PIN codes. Yale nexTouch is ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 Certified and weather resistant for outdoor use.

In cylindrical, sectional mortise, and exit trim platforms, nexTouch can upgrade almost any commercial door.

Exit Trim

Compatible with many pushbar exit devices, including competitor devices, upgrade your existing mechanical trim with key-free convenience.  Whether for a new opening or an existing door, the Yale nexTouch Keypad Exit Trim is the perfect way to upgrade almost any exit device for easy, key-free access. Perfect for a variety of applications, including delivery doors, stairwells, or on an existing exit device, Yale nexTouch Keypad Exit Trim offers a new level of convenience to your commercial facility.


  • Easy Traffic Control: Engineered to provide an easyto-use access control solution to protect your facility and personnel
  • Retrofit-friendly: Able to be installed in place of mechanical exit trim on many pushpad exit devices, including competitor models
  • Key-free Convenience: Reduces investment and maintenance costs associated with managing keys
  • ANSI/BHMA: Grade 1 certification ensures long life and reliability


  • Capacitive touchscreen or pushbutton keypad available, for tactile environments and ADA compliance
  • Patented adjustable mounting posts enable retrofit onto many exit device models without any additional hardware
  • Up to 500 user codes in keypad only operation
  • 9V battery power backup prevents lockout even if the batteries fail
  • Modular technology allows users to upgrade to data-oncard or wireless technologies as system requirements change and grow
  • Available in four finishes and three lever designs.