4 Strategies for Vandal Resistance & Better Restroom Design

Benefits of Optical Turnstiles

Sanitary and attractive school restrooms support students’ positive view of their schools. Maintaining school restrooms requires durable hardware and partition materials that can withstand frequent use, as well as vandalism. In the blog post below, Bradley outlines four strategies that support durable school restroom design.  As a supplier of Bradley, these products are available through Allmar.

  1. Specify touchless fixtures

With so many touchpoints, school restrooms attract lots of germs. Touch-free handwashing fixtures eliminate hand-to-surface contact, messy fingerprints, and cross contamination. There are no-touch options for faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers, paper towel dispensers and flush valves.

Specifically, Bradley’s matching Verge™ soap dispenser and faucet sets have hidden sensors to discourage tampering. They are also made with durable cast brass spout construction with popular PVD finishes that are highly resilient and withstand wear and tear. Bradley’s all-in-one WashBar® and Foam soap dispensers also provide high-quality no-touch solutions for schools.

  1. Install tough-to-damage washbasins

Using non-porous and seamless materials like Bradley’s Terreon® solid surface and Evero® natural quartz stand up to vandalism attempts, naturally deter germs and are very easy to clean. Natural quartz and solid surface resist stains, chemicals, scratches and heat, reducing the likelihood of repairs and need for replacements.

Perfect for schools is Bradley’s expanded suite of Express® lavatory decks including Express® GLX, TLX and ELX Series. Express lavs are a breeze to specify and install because they come ready in one simple and comprehensive package – from end to end. They also deliver a fresh, modern, hygienic and cost-effective alternative to high-maintenance china sinks and laminate countertops.

Other single-station units like Bradley’s Frequency lavatory systems made of Terreon combine a taller sink with a lower sink in an interesting wave design. This model enhances accessibility for both adults and children and meets ADA requirements.

  1. Select sturdier toilet partitions

Partitions made of Bradmar Solid Plastic – an advanced formula of at least 30% pre-consumer recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) – are highly durable. HDPE is hard to scratch and dent and graffiti is easily removed.

Mills® No-Site Partitions made of durable and maintainable Phenolic LT material are also highly resilient and easy to clean. The partitions’ integral No-Site construction comes standard for all models to eliminate gaps between doors and pilasters for maximum privacy in schools.

  1. Choose stainless steel washroom accessories

Bradley’s stainless steel washroom accessories are made with the industry average 25% post-consumer and 35% pre-consumer content stainless. These products are long-lasting and vandal resistant and won’t have to be replaced for years to come. Bradley offers the widest assortment of models with a modern dual curve design or standard series design with clean lines.


Check out the original blog post from Bradley: https://thewashfountain.bradleycorp.com/post/durable-school-restroom-design

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